StenEd Speedbuilding for Court Reporting, Volume 2 (NEW)

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   Speedbuilding for Court Reporting, Volume 2 (254 pages, light green, ISBN 978-0-938643-04-3)
Students will benefit greatly from having copies of these dictation texts. They should check their transcribed notes against the maser copy--proofing is an extremely important aspect of producing an accurate transcript--and they should have easy access to these texts and any audios available for home and lab practice.
  • Both volumes are highly recommended for all reporting and legal stenoscription students. Also useful for stenocaptioning students.
  • Contains 25 lessons and hundreds of pages of dictation.
  • Compiled from actual courtroom testimony.
  • Each lesson consists of six parts:
    • Warmup
    • Vocabulary
    • An Exercise Giving Proper/Geographical Names, Numbers, Retention Sentences, or Legal Item
    • Literary
    • Jury Charge
    • Testimony
  • Corresponding online audio is available separately and includes 9 hours of dictation at 125-240 WPM.
  • Material from these texts is available in the Realtime Coach audio/video interactive steno tutorials.
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