Writer Plan and Loaner FAQ's and Policies

Writer Plan and Loaner FAQ's and Policies

1. If you selected the loaner option when purchasing your writer you may be entitled to receive a free loaner.  If tech support feels that your issue is covered under your warranty and that to resolve this issue you must send us the writer then a loaner will be sent.

2. All loaners are shipped either by FEDEX Ground/Home or in some cases we may use USPS Priority Mail.  We will do everything we possibly can to provide the same type of writer with the correct keytop configuration and ship the loaner in a timely manner.

3. Expedited shipping is available and billed to the customer at the time of shipping.  Generally we are able to use FEDEX or UPS and use any of their expedited shipping methods.  Specific quotes will be given before any loaner is shipped.

4. Customer is responsible for the safety and condition of the loaner machine.  In the event that the machine is lost or damaged accidentally the customer is responsible for the current sale price of the machine or for paying for any repairs.

5. If you are under our StenoCare plan you must purchase the loaner option when initially start the plan.  The loaner option is $100.00 per year and includes free ground shipping.

6. Any StenoCare Plan purchased for a writer currently under warranty supersedes the existing warranty and goes into effect at the time of purchase and will continue for one year.

7. My warranty ended 3 months ago can I still purchase a StenoCare warranty?  Yes but the cost of the warranty would be at the non-renewal rate and would have the 60 day waiting period(pre-existing condition) attached to the plan unless you send the writer for a service inspection.

8. Customer is responsible for shipping their own writer and the loaner writer in a timely manner.  We would expect the customer to ship the damaged writer to us within 24-48 hours after receiving the loaner.  Likewise the customer is expected to ship the loaner back to us within 24-48 hours after receiving the returned repaired writer.  If the customer does not ship in a timely manner StenoWorks has the discretionary right to invoke a loaner fee of up to $50.00/day.

9. Any customer requiring a loaner that is a "local" customer that is defined as traveling less than 1 hour away from our offices will be required to pick-up and drop off their writer and loaner.

10. I'm currently under a competitor's warranty.  Am I entitled to the renewal price?  Yes we will honor competitor warranties as long as you send us a copy of that warranty or plan and prove to us that your writer is still under their plan.

11. What if I just want an overhaul can I get a loaner?  Yes if you sign-up for our StenoCare Xtra program you can add a loaner to the plan for $100.00.

 12. All loaners are shipped with a signature required.  Loaners can be shipped to any secure commercial or residential location.