Theory Reinforcement Takes, Student Edition Excellent Condition

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Item #111:  Theory Reinforcement Takes, Student Edition  (450 takes, 204 pages, lavender, 1999 edition, ISBN 978-0-938643-71-5) 

  • Gives multiple 5-minute takes for each of the 40 StenEd Realtime Theory lessons.
  • Arranged in 1-, 2-, and 3-minute segments so they can be combined in various ways to create different 5-minute practice takes and tests. They are marked in 1-minute segments.
  • Includes word lists, word groups, sentences, paragraphs, and mini Q&A's which can be used as classroom practice, student lab, homework, and student tests.
  • This student edition contains over 450 takes ranging from 1 to 3 minutes in length.
  • Audios are not available since related exercises are to be combined to make varied 5-minute takes.
  • Material from this text is available in the Realtime Coach audio/video interactive steno tutorials.
  • Book is in Excellent condition. No writing, perfect pages, small spots on the cover. The photo may not show the actual book but a sample.
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