Bottle of Indelible Ink & Ribbon

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If you are a student who is learning on a manual writer than this is a nice package for you. This is a set of 1 premium ribbon for any manual machine, including the Stenograph Reporter model and a brand new bottle of ink. They would also work on any standard spool ribbon machine including Smartwriters and Xscribe writers.


  • Bottle of Stenostar Ink: Steno Ink is fast drying to prevent smudging. Our small, funnel dropper releases only one drop of ink at a time so there is no mess when your inking your machine.
  • Premium Ribbon: This is a long-wearing Premium grade steno ribbon outlasts the standard ribbon by 3 to 1. Made from long wearing, durable nylon for durability.

Students! We recommend changing your ribbon and ink on a regular basis as part of your machine maintenance. SAVE ON RIBBON INK COMBINATION BUY TWO!

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